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Toyo Kombucha Sparkling Drink (Low Sugar)

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Kombucha is a beverage made from 2000 year-old-ancient recipe made by fermenting tea. It has grown in popularity because of its amazing taste and health benefits.

Toyo Kombucha is an Indian Kombucha brand. Our Kombucha is made with all-natural ingredients, sans-preservatives to perfectly serve you and your health.

6 Awesome Flavors

100% Alcohol Free

Low Sugar, Naturally

Rich in Probiotics which helps in Digestion

Tasty and healthy. Guaranteed.



1. Is this Keto friendly?
Yeah, this has amazing fermented bacteria which are good for gut health as well. It has very low calories so it is keto friendly.

2.Amount of sugar in each bottle?
In Original Flavour, it is 3.5 grams/100ml, In Other Flavours, 6 grams/100ml

3.If there is no artificial flavor, how are these flavored?
All our flavours are naturally extracted from fruits. So there is no artificial flavour.


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