Conscious Food Aniseed (Saunf) 100g


Seller : Consciousfood

Aniseed (Saunf) is used for its sweet flavour in cooking, herbal medicine and as a mouth freshener.

Pure & Unadulterated
Strong & Flavorful
Local & Sustainably Sourced


Helps with better digestion of food
Contains B vitamins and minerals like iron and zinc

Ingredients & Shelf Life:
Ingredients: 100% Aniseed
Shelf Life: 9 months
Makes for a good breath freshener


Quantity : 500g


  • Can be used in betel leaf/paan and candies as a breath freshener
  • Can be consumed raw or added to a digestive mix
  • Can be added to certain dishes while cooking to add a hint of sweetness
  • Can be used in tea for digestion.


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