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Our organic Golden Sugar, or jaggery powder, is a healthier alternative to the regular white sugar in your kitchen. Unlike white sugar, it contains molasses, which has minerals from the whole sugarcane jaggery. It comes with a delicate caramel taste and is rich in nutrients that commercial white.



  • Free from chemicals and minimally processed
  • Lower in calories than white sugar
  • Great source of iron, magnesium and potassium
  • It has a cooling effect for the body



  • Tastes delicious in salads, chutneys, marinades and all Asian dishes.
  • It can be used as a preservative for pickles
  • It can be used to make a natural scrub



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Ingredients & Shelf Life:
Ingredients: 100% Sugarcane Jaggery
Shelf Life: 9 months

What are Jaggery Powder/Golden Sugar ?
Jaggery is a natural product made from boiling sugarcane juice containing a high level of sucrose. The rich golden or brown colour comes from natural molasses. It can be kept as blocks or powder, and later blend into a food item. The dried and powdered form of concentrated jaggery molasses is known as Golden sugar or Jaggery powder.

What are the benefits of Jaggery Powder/Golden Sugar ?
Jaggery powder or Golden sugar is rich in iron, fibre, and other essential minerals making it great for your gut. Here are some noteworthy benefits of using Golden Sugar in your daily diet: Helps in the proper digestion of food. Effective cleanser to aid purification of blood. Used in Ayurvedic medicine for respiratory problems.

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