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Conscious Food Veggie Ragi Dosa Mix | 200g

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Ragi is a gluten-free staple, popular in south India and gaining prevalence everywhere else. At Conscious Food, Ragi is sustainably sourced, naturally dried, and ground before it is mixed into the wholesome dosa batter. The batter also includes broccoli and zucchini—power packed vegetables that are important for a healthy diet. Its beautifully nutty flavour and crispy texture ensure that a combination of vegetables and grains are included in the diet of children in a new-tritious manner.

Healthy meal for your kid’s snack time
Inconspicuous addition of healthy vegetables and essential greens
Made with organic and sustainably sourced ingredients


Ingredients & Shelf Life
Ingredients: Roasted flours of (Ragi, Brown rice, Moong dal, Black Gram dal, Red poha), Black Salt, Zucchini powder, Broccoli powder, Capsicum powder, Coriander leaves, Curd powder, Green Chilli flakes ,Asafoetida
Shelf Life: 9 months



Quantity : 200 g



  • Ragi is an excellent non-dairy substitute for calcium, thus promoting bone and teeth health
  • It is a natural source of iron that prevents anaemia and aids in absorption of iron in the bloodstream


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