Conscious Food Super Jaggery Powder | 200g


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Something to make your meal times sweeter and smiles wider! Made from the sap of the date palm tree, this golden powder is the sweetest addition to a healthy and conscious kitchen. For children with a sweet tooth, this is the sweetest boon!

Jaggery powder is a natural sweetener, with 0% added sugars or preservatives, and is naturally processed. Its healthy carbohydrates and versatile use make it an indispensable ingredient to start an energetic day!

Unadulterated and pure jaggery
An amazing alternative to refined sugar
Immunity boosting properties



  • It is effective in preventing and treating the common cold and cough, especially during winters
  • Its complex carbohydrates help in better digestion of food over a long period of time, thus keeping the body energised for longer
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Quantity : 200 g


Use it as an alternative to white sugar in refreshments like lemonade, tea, kokum, and smoothies
Add it to desserts for a naturally sweet and healthy delicacy

Ingredients & Shelf Life
Ingredients: 100% Jaggery powder
Shelf Life: 9 months


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