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Praakritik Organic Jowar Atta – 500 g


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Organically processed, Organic Jowar Atta is made of Sorghum sourced from certified organic farms in Maharashtra. A powerhouse of essential nutrients, this high-fibre flour has a unique flavour and consistency. It is a delicious, super healthy, gluten-free replacement for wheat in your diet. Sorghum or Jowar is considered the ‘new quinoa’ around the world.

Gluten-free Organic Jowar Atta contains potassium, phosphorous and vitamins, to help your body build new tissues and cells. It is antioxidant and has traces of zinc, copper and over 20 micronutrients. Eat it regularly to make these grains of goodness work their magic on your body.

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Additional information

Weight 500 g
How to use

Measure the desired amount of Organic Jowar Atta.
Jowar Atta is a nutritious gluten-free flour commonly used in Indian cuisine.
Use it to make rotis, bhakris, or tortillas.
In a mixing bowl, combine the Jowar Atta with water and knead into a smooth dough.
Let the dough rest for some time before dividing it into smaller portions.
Roll out the portions into flatbread shapes and cook them on a heated pan or tawa.
Flip the breads and cook until they are cooked through and have golden brown spots.
Serve hot with your favorite curries or accompaniments.
Enjoy the wholesome and nutty flavor of Organic Jowar Atta in your homemade breads.



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