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Praakritik Organic Farms Barnyard Millet (Sanva) – 1 kg


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Barnyard Millet, also known as Kuthiravali in Tamil, meaning “”horse tail.”” This unique name is derived from the crop’s appearance which closely resembles that of a horse tail.


Barnyard Millet is a gluten-free and vegan cereal, making it an ideal choice for those with dietary restrictions. High in fiber and digestible due to its high phosphorous and calcium content, Barnyard Millet is highly beneficial for the digestive system and helps lower glycemic index. This, in turn, may help in managing type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease with regular consumption.


In North India, Barnyard Millet is commonly consumed during the fasting season of Navaratri. Nutritional Value of Barnyard Millet is high, as it is a good source of zinc, manganese and it also helps maintain body temperature, it also rich in Anti-Oxidant, high in Carbohydrate, the Bran layer has good fat and minerals, and is predominantly starch, that gives a sweet taste. Additionally, it is a good source of B-complex vitamins, the protein content is comparable to that of wheat and maize.


Health Benefits of Barnyard Millet include weight loss, good for diabetic patients and it has the lowest carbohydrate content and energy value among all the varieties of millets.


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Barnyard Millet can be used in various recipes, such as Barnyard Millet Pongal, Upma, Dose, Idly, Rice and Millet Pulav. Try barnyard millet today and experience the many benefits and deliciousness it has to offer!

Quantity : 1000 g 

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Weight 1000 g
How to use

Organic Farms Barnyard Millet, also known as Samvat rice or Sanwa, is a versatile grain that can be used in various ways. Rinse the millet thoroughly and cook it in a ratio of 1:2 with water or broth until tender. Use it as a substitute for rice or quinoa in pilafs, stir-fries, or salads. Cook it with vegetables, spices, and herbs to make a flavorful biryani or pulao. It can also be ground into flour and used in gluten-free baking recipes like bread, cookies, or pancakes. Embrace the nutty flavor and nutritional benefits of Organic Farms Barnyard Millet and explore its versatility in your culinary adventures.



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