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Praakritik Organic Singhara Atta – 500 g


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Singhara flour is rich in potassium content and low in sodium content, which is said to help water retention in the body. Singhar aatta is an excellent source of good carbohydrate and energy boosting nutrients like iron, calcium, zinc and phosphorous. It is gluten free. Extremely low in calories.

Quantity : 500 g

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Additional information

Weight 500 g
How to use

Measure the desired amount of Organic Singhara Atta.
Singhara Atta, also known as Water Chestnut Flour, is commonly used as a gluten-free alternative.
It is often used to make delicious Singhara Atta pancakes or cheelas.
In a bowl, mix Singhara Atta with water or yogurt to make a smooth batter.
Add salt, spices, and any desired vegetables or herbs to the batter.
Heat a pan, spread a ladleful of batter, and cook until golden brown on both sides.
Serve the Singhara Atta pancakes hot with chutney or yogurt.
Explore the versatility of Organic Singhara Atta in gluten-free recipes like bread, crepes, or as a thickener in soups or gravies.



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