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Mohan Farms Combo Of Herbal Lemongrass Rose Tea

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Lemongrass even hailed as Citronella, is an herb that facilitates respite and immunity. This tea is affluent in bioactive combinations and may encourage weight loss, supervise blood pressure, and assist in ministering ordinary cold signs. Our lemongrass rose tea is organic and infused with dry rose petals that enhance the aroma and flavor of the tea.



A sip of this herbal lemongrass rose petal tea is considered to terminate anxiety as the lemongrass is enunciated to control specific neuro receptors and the rose petals help to maintain the skin fresh and young.

The values that separates this herbal tea from the rest in the market are-

  • It is 100% natural.
  • Organically cultivated.
  • This herbal tea is of Premium-Quality.
  • It is caffeine free.
  • No counted calories.
  • No chemicals or pesticides utilized.
  • No added preservatives.
  • No artificial savors.


Health Benefits of Lemongrass Rose Petal Tea
Our organic herbal tea is made with Lemongrass with an infusion of dried rose petals. This herbal tea is not only good in taste but also beneficial for your health:

  • Works wonders for the skin.
  • Beneficial in building the immune system.
  • Good for digestion.
  • Increases healing of cuts, scars or burns, etc.
  • Ensures sound sleep.

There is so much more that this herbal tea can offer you besides the color and essence. Try this unique blend of lemongrass with rose petals as a tea only at Mohan Farms.


Quantity: 25 g (Pack of 2)


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