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  • Introducing our Pasta and Noodles Combo 1x of ( Little Millet Pasta, Foxtail Millet Pasta, Multimillet Noodles, and Pearl Millet Noodles.) – a wholesome blend of taste and nutrition.
  • Crafted without Maida, our pasta is a healthier option, free from artificial additives. Packed with remarkable fiber and protein, it cooks in just 5 minutes. The tastemaker, infused with natural spices, ensures delightful flavor without compromising well-being. Each 175g pack provides three generous servings.
  • Try our Millet Noodles, made with all-natural ingredients. Packed with nutrients and featuring a low glycemic index, these noodles are a smart, healthy choice. The tastemaker, with natural spices and no MSG, adds flavorful goodness. With zero Maida, preservatives, artificial flavors, cholesterol, or trans-fat, these noodles cook in just 5 minutes. Each 180g pack serves 3 people, offering guilt-free comfort food.
  • Experience perfect harmony of health and taste with our Pasta and Noodles Combo
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