Hearty Eats Ragi Jaggery Chocolate Pancake Mix (Chocolate+Millet)


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  • Made with nuts and millets, this mix is free from artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors.
  • It’s a pure and wholesome choice for your family’s daily nutrition.
  • No more fuss! Our easy-to-follow instructions let you whip up a batch of savory chillas and yummy pancakes in a jiffy. ! It’s a nutritious option that the entire family can enjoy.
  • Whether you’re starting the day with a burst of flavor or seeking a quick and wholesome meal, these Chillas and Pancakes are sure to please taste buds while providing essential nutrients.
  • Elevate your family’s nutrition with our effortless Ragi Jaggery Chocolate Pancake and Pizza Millet Chilla Mix. Wholesome and incredibly nutritious, it’s a choice you can feel fantastic about.
  • Make every meal a celebration of health and flavor, one chilla and pancake at a time!
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Hearty Eats Ragi Jaggery Chocolate Pancake Mix And Pizza Millet Chilla Mix

225 Grams Each Combo Pack of 2

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Weight 450 g



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