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Jivika Naturals Desi Rose Gulkand 400g

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Made from fresh and nutritious Damask Roses, Jivika Organics Desi Rose Gulkand can enrich any diet with its plethora of health benefits. The word ‘Gulkand’ translates directly into ‘Sweet-Rose’. The practice of preserving vibrant rose petals is a long standing tradition in Ayurvedic medicine.


Desi Rose Gulkand is layered with Mishri, as opposed to honey, in a bid to preserve the cooling properties of this Ayurvedic superfood.


Nutritious Damask Rose Petals are carefully plucked and layered with Mishri. The mixture is then left to naturally mature in sunlight for 7 days.


Controls the pitta dosha to stabilise body temperature. Helps reduce acidity and aids in digestive health. Detoxifies the body and blood with strong antioxidants. Fights acne and other skin blemishes from the inside. Improves energy levels and reduces chronic fatigue.


We at Jivika Naturals are committed to sourcing our products ethically, thereby ensuring quality and giving every farmer their fair due.

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