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Granomaxx – Energy Fudge Bars- Cranberry Cashew – Pack of 8 (8*50g)


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         The All Age Nutrition Bar: The first of its kind energy bar suitable for all age groups.


  • Good Source of Protein: Our bars have Sattu (super healthy Indian food) which is a good and natural source of protein, calcium, fibre, iron and magnesium and hence is apt for growing children, teenagers, adults and senior citizens. Each of our bar provides 7gms of protein.
  • No Chemicals: We believe in clean ingredients and our bars are made using all natural ingredients. We don’t add any preservatives to increase the shelf life of our bars and yet are bars flavoursome and delicious.
  • Sweetened With Natural Ingredients: To make our bars more nutritious, healthy and flavourful we only use dates and honey to add sweetness. Dates are very good source of iron and fibre whereas honey has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Our bars are completely free from white sugar so you don’t have to feel guilty while eating it 🙂
  • Any-Time Any-Where Bar: Eat our bars at breakfast, at work, before/after a workout, on the trail and any time the hunger pangs hit you.
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Granomaxx – Energy Fudge Bars- Cranberry Cashew – Pack of 8 (8*50g) – No Added Sugar – No Preservatives – Protein Bars / Healthy Snack Bars

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