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Pure Whites Cold Pressed Mustard Oil


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  • Made from Organic Mustard Seeds from Rajasthan.
  • We then let the seeds sun-dry for a few days to ensure better taste and aroma before pressing them to obtain mustard oil.
  • COLD PRESSED: Our Mustard Oil, extracted through cold pressing methods, is 100% pure, vegan, and free from any preservatives, chemicals, and gluten. We press the mustard seeds in traditional Kolhus, using low temperatures and cold-press technology to preserve the natural nutrients in the oil. After pressing, we let the oil undergo sedimentation for 2-3 days and then filter it through a sieve to ensure its purity.
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  • Cold Pressed Mustard Oil (Kachi Ghani) is heart-healthy.
  • It contains zero trans-fats and Cholesterol making it a healthier cooking option. It is rich in MUFA and antioxidants and promotes a good digestive system


  • Mustard Oil is a versatile oil that caters to all your oil needs.
  • It is perfect for cooking purposes such as sautéing and deep-frying, owing to its high smoke point.
  • Additionally, it is a great choice for skincare, haircare, and massaging, for both yourself and your baby.
  • Apart from that, it is an ideal option for Ayurvedic practices like oil pulling, making it a multi-purpose oil.

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