Pure Whites Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil


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  • The finest and purest Cold-pressed Groundnut Oil is extracted in a traditional mill (chekku / ghani) using natural techniques.
  • It has an extravagant flavor & color, without the overpowering taste of groundnuts in the oil.
  • The highest quality, premium and native variety of groundnuts are handpicked for extraction.
  • The oil is single-pressed for maximum flavor and nutrition.
  • The single-pressed oil is then filtered using the traditional and natural filtration method without any chemicals.
  • It retains all the essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals for great health benefits.
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Benefits – Groundnut Oil
– Increases Insulin Production
– Increases Immunity
– Maintains Heart Health
– Contains Anti-Cancer Properties
– Helps to Lower Blood Pressure
– Protects against symptons of aging

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Weight 1260 g


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