Conscious Food Amaranth Flour (Rajgira Atta) 500g


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Made from the amaranth grain, this flour has been specially stone ground to preserve its moisture and nutrient content. Amaranth is hailed as a superfood and is naturally gluten-free.

Key Features:

  • Stone-ground flour
  • Easy to digest
  • Stay full for longer
  • Lower Glycemic Index
  • Local & sustainably sourced
  • Made from whole grain
  • Essentials vitamins & minerals
  • High in fibre

Ingredients & Shelf Life: 
Ingredients: Amaranth (Rajgira) flour
Shelf Life: 3 months

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Quantity : 500g

It is rich in fibre and protein and is anti-inflammatory.
It aids digestion and helps in lowering cholesterol levels.
It also helps in enhancing bone strength and promotes hair growth.


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