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Cannaking Hemp Butter Natural (250g)


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Cannaking Hemp Butter Natural- 250g : Unflavored, Unsweetened, Bioavailable Vegan Protein Butter enriched with Omega 3&6


  • Enriched with Omega 3 & 6, Protein, Essential Amino acids, vitamins and minerals, Discover the world’s purest food in this jar.
  • A vegetarian source of healthy protein butter it supports a healthy cardiovascular system and is useful in nutritional and protein deficiency.
  • Being hypoallergenic in nature, it’s perfect for people with gut issues and also helps in healthy weight management.
  • Made by cold pressing raw shelled hemp seeds and ground at ultra low temperatures to retain all the nutritional goodness in the seeds, it is the only butter you need to boost your metabolism.
  • It’s time to ditch your regular protein/almond butter with nature’s bioavailable, tastiest,vegan, healthy and protein rich Hemp Butter!
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  • BenefitsHeart Healthy Goodness : Rich in Omega 3, it supports healthy cardiovascular system, aids in healthy weight management in inflammatory conditions and gut health conditions Also Boosts joint health, Soothes inflammation and dry skin & Strengthens Immunity
  • Nutritional Powerhouse: useful in nutritional and protein deficiency, enhances Athletic performance. Because of optimal concentration of Omega 3 and 6 in hemp butter, just one serving can take care of the daily requirement of omega 3 in one’s diet.
  • Fat Metaboliser : Reduces bad cholesterol and improves good cholesterol. It is high in phytosterols which can help lower blood LDL and thus great for people facing cholesterol issues.
  • Anti- inflammatory properties: Rich in Gamma linolenic acid which is highly anti-inflammatory, and along with omega 6, its usage might be extremely beneficial in skin inflammatory conditions.
  • Features – Bioavailable vegan protein butter, Cold- pressed, unflavored, unsweetened, Fat metaboliser, Pre- biotic fiber, 100% Natural


  • Hemp Hearts, Himalayan Pink salt qs

How To Consume

  • Enjoy with toasts and flatbreads. Add to breakfast bowls and porridges to increase the protein and omega 3 and reduce the carbs content. Mix it in a shake or just have it as is. Add to smoothies and salad dressings for a healthy dash of omega 3’s.


  • To be stored in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight.
    Refrigerate after opening to maintain freshness

Expiry Date

Shelf life- 12 months

Additional information

Weight 250 g



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