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Plattered Whole Wheat Devil’s Choco Cake Mix

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Everybody needs a favourite chocolate cake. We hope ours becomes yours too. With our signature cocoa for sublime flavour, a dash of real vanilla to round it off, the cake is as soft and fluffy as you’d want a cake to be.


What do we bring to the table? Its Whole Wheat and Refined Sugar Free. Trust us, you can’t make out the difference. It’s as soft and luscious as can be. Perfectly good on its own, makes for an absolutely phenomenal party cake with frosting


Add 3/4 cup buttermilk + 1/2 cup oil to the mix, and bake for 30 mins in oven/ microwave for 5 mins to get the perfect Chocolate Cake. You can either bake a single cake (8″” round) or two smaller cakes (6″” round) with this mix.



Weight (grams): 285 g


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