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Mohan Farms Herbal Lemongrass Jasmine Tea (100gm)

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An infusion of Lemon Grass Tea and Jasmine Flowers (100gm) is fragrant, exotic, light, smooth, and will leave you in awe for its fine aroma and pleasantly relaxing aroma that will keep you craving more.

Sore throats, coughs, colds, and allergies may be relieved by the tea’s antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Increasing metabolic rate and reducing body fat may be possible with catechins in green tea.

It has been shown that regular consumption of Green Tea can help maintain a healthy heart because it is believed to protect against cardiovascular diseases. Heat sealed, processed, and packaged tea bags are made at our own factory. Fresher tea is healthier tea. As a result, the freshness is preserved.

Unlike regular tea bags, all our tea bags are staple-free – there are no metallic pins damaging the tea’s health benefits. Our leaves are chosen from the finest tea estates in the world.



  • It is a sweet, floral, and zesty blend – a tasty combination of fantastic aromas
  • Relax your mind and uplift your body with this balanced blend
  • Digestive, circulatory, and immunity health are supported by this supplement
  • Stabilizes the nervous system by gently strengthening it


Quantity: 100 g


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