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Ecotyl Organic Garam Masala Powder -100 g


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With a rustic warmth, authentic flavour, the goodness of nutrient-dense spices, and a touch of heat, if there’s a spice that should be an indispensable part of your kitchen – it’s our very own Ecotyl Garam Masala. Coriander, black pepper, cardamom, and many more spices are roasted to perfection to form this flavourful Garam Masala. All the spices used in this masala are sourced directly from farms and hand-grounded to keep the flavour and nutrition intact.

Health Benefits Of Ecotyl Garam Masala Powder :
– Garam Masala improves your metabolism and also helps in weight management.

– Garam Masala facilitates digestion and helps you ease issues like gas, bloating, and acidity.

– The spice-rich masala regulates the cholesterol level – lowering the LDL cholesterol and increasing the good HDL cholesterol. It also supports a healthy heart.

– It is known to lower the blood sugar level naturally. It is also beneficial for people suffering from diabetes.

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