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Ecotyl Organic Black Salt Powder – 250 g


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Black Salt or Kala Namak is a healthy salt owing to the presence of minerals like iron, magnesium, and calcium. It is known for its usage in Ayurvedic medicines. The high sulphur content in this salt gives it a pungent smell and tangy taste. You can use Ecotyl Black Salt Crystal as a flavour enhancer in any of your favourite dishes to add that extra funky kick.

Health Benefits Of Ecotyl Black Salt Powder :
– Black salt contains low levels of sodium. Hence, it does not cause bloating and is a good alternative if you’re on a weight loss diet.

– Rich source of essential minerals, it can also boost hair growth, prevent hair fall and nourish your hair from within.

– Black salt helps in digestion and also alleviates intestinal gas. It is an effective home remedy to treat constipation.

– Rich in potassium, black salt effectively treats muscle spasms and cramps.




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