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Ecotyl Copper Tongue Cleaner – Set of 4 (4 Pc)


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Ayurveda recommends the usage of pure metals like silver and copper for tongue cleaning. Make an eco-friendly choice for your oral hygiene by switching to Ecotyl’s Copper Tongue Cleaners, which are sustainable and made of 100% copper. Our tongue cleaners make for a perfect natural solution for a cleaner mouth and good breath! So, use this daily to feel fresh, confident, and seize the day!

Benefits Of Ecotyl Copper Tongue Cleaner:
– Unlike conventional tongue cleaners, our cleaner is gentle on the tongue and does not leave cuts even after putting a bit of pressure.

– By eliminating the harmful bacteria and toxins, it removes the bad breath and gives you long-lasting freshness.

– Scraping your tongue with this tongue cleaner removes the tongue coating and improves your sense of taste.

– Having an antibacterial surface, it repels bacteria and microbes and acts as a cleansing agent.



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