Biobasics Kichadi Samba Rice, Semi-Polished, Parboiled, 5Kg


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Bio Basics Kichadi Samba parboiled and is ideal for lunch. This Kichadi Samba is small in size and is semi processed organically cultivated. It has relatively low Glycemic Index, hence suitable for diabetics. Semi-polished rice comes from two PGS organic certified rice farmers from Tamil Nadu. The rice we provide is locally parboiled and milled. Kichadi Samba is a popular traditional rice variety of Tamil Nadu. It is fine-grained white rice suitable for table rice and is known for its taste and great mouthfeel. In erstwhile times it was preferred by royalty. This parboiled, semi polished rice is the perfect accompaniment to your favorite traditional south Indian side dishes. As it is semi-polished, it retains some of the essential vitamins, minerals and fibre. Semi -polished rice’s are a wholesome option for regular rice eaters – a perfect in-between as it isn’t completely starchy as the polished rice or too fibrous and time consuming to cook as the unpolished rice.

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