Organic Wisdom Ragi (Nachni) Idli Mix – 400 g


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Organic Wisdom’s Ragi Idli Mix is made from 100% organic & gluten-free Ragi. Ragi (Nachni/ Finger Millet) is popularly known as a magical millet because of the umpteen number of health benefits that it offers. This instant mix makes for an easy, delicious meal to keep your family highly nourished.



  • Natural Farming
  • 0% Preservatives
  • 0% Colours
  • 0% Flavours
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  1. Supports cell regeneration as it is RICH in CALCIUM and IRON
  2. Excellent for people on DIET as it helps to manage weight & lower cholesterol levels.
  3. Besides strengthening muscles, Ragi also nourishes hair naturally and prevents it from greying as it’s rich in PROTEIN
  4. Recommended alternative to GLUTEN INTOLERANT people, gluten is a protein component that may interfere with digestion & can cause gastric issues.
  5. ANTIOXIDANTS & AMINO ACIDS in Ragi help relax the mind


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