Gudmom Organic Wheat Daliya 500 g ( Pack Of 3 )


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1) Daliya or Porridge is a very nutritious, healthy and tasty dish with all the benefits of whole-grains.

2) Wheat Dalia is not just high in fiber but also free from any additional coloring or chemical enameling, making it the best fiber source for diabetics and the fitness conscious.

3) Dalia/Porridge is very rich in fiber content. This is why it cures constipation and increases metabolism. Great source of minerals and vitamins and boosts immunity. It is slow to digest, so it keeps our tummy full for long and does not let you get hunger pangs.

4) Free from Preservatives ,Free from Additives ,Free from Pesticides We at Gudmom directly sources it from a natural farmer, one that prides itself on growing organic made using traditional methods cultivated by tribals. In a market where there are plenty of cheap alternatives and knock-off varieties are available, Gudmom is the most authentic you can get. In addition, the fair prices we pay to our suppliers.

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