D-alive Quinoa – 200g (Pack of 2)


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A popular fluffy seed that feels like a grain and gives a somewhat nutty flavour that can be used in salads, stir fries, soups and more. Quinoa is a complete package of the 9 essential amino acids and a great source of minerals like phosphorous, magnesium and iron. An easy meal to cook and makes a nutritious replacement for rice. Grind it and make some delicious Quinoa flour for your baked goodies.


1. Packed in small batches with lots of care and hygiene

2. The best fit for a plant-based diet incase you want to top up on your protein

3. Quinoa makes for a great replacement if you want to avoid high carb grains

4. You can use it as a substitute for rice or in soups, salads, stir fries ect

5. Grind it to create Quinoa flour and use it for all your baking needs

6. This Quinoa is assured to top up on all your 9 essential amino acids and minerals like phosphorous, magnesium and iron

7. We guarantee the best and cleanest produce

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