Conscious Food Sprouted Suji 500g


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Semolina or sprouted suji is prepared by sprouting and drying wheat. It can be used to make puddings and savoury snacks.

Easy to digest
Stay full for longer
Lower Glycemix Index
Local & sustainably sourced
Essential vitamins & minerals
High in protein
High in fibre



  • Made from durum wheat, which releases energy slowly and helps reduce hunger pangs by giving a feeling of fullness in the stomach
  • Good for gut health and easy to digest
  • It is a rich source of iron




Quantity : 500 g


  • It can be used to make puddings and Indian sweets like Halwa
  • It can be used to make savoury foods such as upma
  • It can also be added to Rotis/dosa/idli batter


Ingredients & Shelf Life
Ingredients: Sprouted Semolina
Shelf Life: 5 months


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