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Auric Ashwagandha Hot Chocolate 250 g


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Auric Ashwagandha Hot Chocolate | Protein Rich, Flavourful & Traditional | 250gm


1. RICH, INDULGENT & CREAMY: Luxurious dark cocoa powder in Every Sip. Makes delicious sugar-free cold or hot chocolate milkshake. The cocoa mixes easily with milk. Relax and unwind with a dessert-like experience.

2. GOODNESS OF ASHWAGANDHA: Cocoa mix supported with Immunity & Relaxation herb from Ayurveda. High-grade premium ashwagandha distilled pure and US FDA certified. So clean & pure that you cannot taste ashwagandha but can feel it’s benefits. Every cup of Auric Ashwagandha Hot chocolate promises 25% recommended daily intake of ashwagandha 3. A GIFT FROM THE PACIFIC: Made from the finest cocoa sourced from Islands in South Pacific Ocean (Indonesia). Made with high-quality cocoa and premium ingredient. The finest cocoa beans that have the perfect size and aroma offering consumers the luxury of premium dark chocolate 4. PURE & NATURAL: 100% Natural, pure and unsweetened cocoa powder with no artificial flavour and zero emulsifiers. Moreover, it is vegan, Gluten-free and suitable for Keto diet as well. Cocoa powder is absolutely safe for human consumption made in factory certified with good manufacturing practices 5. PREPARATION INSTRUCTION: It’s simple to prepare the perfect cup of healthy drinking chocolate. Warm 1 cup (200 ml) of Milk, add 1 spoon of Auric hot chocolate to warm milk and finally add sweetener as per taste. Enjoy it hot or cold. Can be used while making cakes and other bakery items.

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  • Ashwagandha improves adrenal function, sports performance, energy metabolism and nourishes mind.
  • Cocoa beans are rich in antioxidants such as flavanols that help prevent heart diseases, increases brain metabolism, reduces insulin imbalance, and aids fat management.

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