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Tencha Ceremonial Matcha with Free Spoon| Pack of 2 |Green Tea Powder

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Certified Ceremonial Grade Matcha – It is a higher grade matcha coming from first harvest green tea leaves that are younger and more nutrient-filled.

Matcha is the powder of green tea leaves, especially grown in Japan. When you consume matcha, you consume the whole tea leaf. Matcha has 137x antioxidants and 5x natural caffeine over green tea.


What are the uses of Ceremonial matcha?

Ceremonial matcha is traditionally had with warm water. It tastes great even in lattes and smoothies, a few people enjoy it with plant or nut based milk and experiment with sweeteners as per their preference and health goals.


  • Caffeine Content: ~30 mg per gram
  • Use For : Traditional tea with milk or water
  • Taste Profile: Sweet, Umami & Full bodied
  • Daily Dose : 1-2 servings of 1-2gm each


Quantity: 60 gms ( pack of 2 , 30g each)

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Weight 30-30 g


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