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Scrapshala Mandala Table Placement | Walnut | Foldable | Stain-Proof


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The Mandala Placemat is a consciously designed classic product to intensify the look of your space and save it from food stains.

The Mandala design on this foldable placemat is intricately hand painted and waxed by local artisans of Varanasi. The Mandala design signifies wholeness of the Universe.

It is a multipurpose functional placement that is 100% natural, minimalist in look, light in weight, foldable, stain-proof and durable.

This mat can be used indoor and outdoor both, as dining table mats, garden mats, bed mats, study table mat or beach mats.

The innovative product design makes this mat flexible and stain resistant.

No hassle of washing when food falls, just wipe it clean with a wet cloth!

The mats are handcrafted from 100 % natural reclaimed pine wood and handcrafted by local artisans.

Buy them single or in set of 6 or 8, as per your requirements.


You can also combine them with matching table runners, cutlery holders and coasters.

Impact: You create employment opportunities for local Indian artisans and help us save chopping of mature living trees for making wooden products like these.

How to clean: For dusting on regular basis, use a dry cloth. In case of food stains, use wet cloth with mild soap to wipe it clean.

  • Product: 1 table placemat
  • Material: Reclaimed pine wood
  • Design: Mandala
  • Country of Origin: India
  • Colour: Walnut brown
  • Dimensions: 12 by 18 by 0.3 inch


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