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BEST KEPT BEAUTY SECRET – Since ancient Egypt, charcoal has been used for numerous medicinal purposes and beauty recipes.

Activated charcoal powder is charcoal that has been processed to increase the surface area that absorbs impurities, making it ideal for naturally cleaning and lightening skin and teeth, as well as drawing out poisons and soothing skin irritations.

100% PURE – from 100% pure coconut shells, which provides one of the purest forms of activated charcoal available.



FOR DIY BEAUTY REMEDIES – Skin lightening, teeth whitening, purifying facial masks for men and women, detoxification, shampoo, salves for burns and insect bites – the list goes on of all the DIY remedies you can do at home with this extremely versatile ingredient.

Make beauty simple, safe and natural for all ages and genders. We craft our products to give you the amazing results you love using the best and thoroughly researched ingredients.

Natural Teeth Whitner
Activated charcoal powder helps cleaning your teeth. It helps you to clean your mouth by changing your PH balance to clean your teeth dip to your brush onto the powder and brush your teeth as normal.

Then sip some water, rinse and spit. You might want to rinse a little longer as charcoal powder tends to get stuck in teeth. If you have cavities, please consult your dentist before using this product.

Make a Mask
Active charcoal mask absorbs excess oil and gently exfoliate, you can make one using our activated charcoal powder
1.Take some charcoal powder and add two tablespoons of non-toxic glue to it
2.Add half tablespoon of water to the mixture.
3.Mix the ingredients well until the charcoal powder dissolves in the glue.
4.Clean your face and wet it with water or oil.
5.Apply the mixture on the face using a soft brush and ensure you apply a thin layer of the mask.
6.Leave the mask for 30 minutes to dry up until the edges start to peel off.
7.Then slowly peel off the mask upward.
8.Rinse with lukewarm water and then moisturize.



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