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Teeth-a-bit Kids Multi-Protection Cherry Vanilla Mint Tooth Bits


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Teeth-a-bit tooth bits for kids are the world’s first toothpaste in exciting shapes and figurines to keep the kids excited about their oral health.

Made with 100% natural flavors- plant-based real fruit extracts like Strawberry, Tangerine, Cherry, and Vanilla. 100% Natural Strawberry Extract and Flavor, 100% Natural Cherry Vanilla Extract and Flavor, 100% Natural Tangerine Extract & Flavors, 100% Natural Menthol, 100% Natural Salt, and Non-GMO Xylitol Sweeteners.

The Kids Deserve Zero that is Zero Alcohol, Zero Water, Zero Artificial Flavors, Zero Artificial Colors, Zero Preservatives, Zero Peroxide, Zero Dyes, Zero SLS, Zero Parabens, Zero Plastic, Zero Spills, Zero Leaks, Zero Cruelty kids tooth care products.

The multi-protection toothpaste bits are formulated with anti-bacterial, anti-gingivitis anti-stain anti-tartar multiprotection proprietary waterless formula.

Lesser abrasive herbal toothpaste formula for kids still developing primary teeth. Teeth Whitening, Enamel Builder, Anti-Oxidants Rich with polyphenols and flavonoids. 500 PPM of Max Available Fluoride.

Kids Love it, Cavities Don’t! Simply Krush Karo, Brush Karo – Sanitary and Perfect Dose every time! No guesswork, No Over or Under Use. No more worry about spills or leaks by your kids.

Crush or Chew 1 toothpaste bit with front teeth, forming a soft creamy paste. Wet your toothbrush and brush in a gentle circular motion for 2-3 mins, spit out, rinse, and be done. Now Kids can replace that clunky leaky liquid toothpaste tube or messy toothpowder by just popping a toothpaste tablet in their mouth! Keep Smiling, and Keep Shining!

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Teeth-a-bit Kids Multi-Protection Cherry Vanilla Mint Tooth Bits, SLS Free, Plant Based Kids (5-12 Years) Toothpaste Tablets (60 Count)

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