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Teeth-a-bit Neem Toothbrush Kids (9-12 Years)


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Teeth-a-bit The Pledge Toothbrush brings to you India’s largest eco-friendly & home-grown wooden toothbrush portfolio.

The Pledge Toothbrush has been custom designed with the highest quality neem for Kids (9-12 Years).

The Neem toothbrush features BPA-free, soft, dentist-designed gum-sensitive bristles which are gentle on kids’ enamel and gums and tough on plaque and bacteria.

With high bend retention, the bristle filaments have been rigorously tested to provide you with deep anti-staining cleaning for kids’ pearlies.

The toothbrush has been designed by a dentist with a slim handle in a flat silhouette configuration that is lightweight yet sturdy for better handling and gripping.

The Pledge Toothbrushes are made from salvaged firewood Neem that is known to be therapeutic and anti-microbial for your teeth.

Neem is naturally fragrant, splinter-free, and waterproof to add spice to your oral care routine.

The Pledge Neem Toothbrushes get a high Earth Score of 96%, an in-house algorithm that ranks products for their positive environmental impact. Each of our Neem toothbrushes saves 20 grams of plastic going into our pristine oceans, forests, and landfills.

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Teeth-a-bit Neem Toothbrush Kids (9-12 Years) Slim Handle with Gum Sensitive Soft Bristles Pack of 2 (Forest Green)

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