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Rech Organics Moringa Soap Bar

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This is handmade soap from Rech Organics . It has no preservatives, no sulfates, no parabens, no artificial scents and no artificial colors.The best thing about this handcraftedsoap is that it actually cleanses the skin from inside without causing excessive dryness.the lost moisture of the skin by rejuvenating the cells thoroughly.

As a result, we get soft, supple and smooth skin. This soaps has antibacterial and healing benefits for skin.It improves skin tone and its cleaning property helps with the skin problems like pimples, dark spots, acne, black heads, white heads, rashes, pigmentation, black spots, and suitable for all skin types.



Suitable for all skin type Antibacterial Properties Prevents Acne & pimple breakouts Aids in removing blemishes & dark spots Results your skin Smooth & Spot less





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