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Herbal Strategi Room Disinfectant & Freshner (Lemon + Whitelilly) (2 x 250 ml)



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You can use Nature Spray – Herbal Room Freshener anywhere & any time. The product not only makes your fragrance-filled home worth living but also is very effective in a public place. Now, get an odour-free environment in hospitals, schools, offices, or hotels. Just spray 3-4 times after a few hours and see the magic. So, gift yourself this lovely room freshener and enjoy a 5-star ambiance at home.

Experience the world of heavenly fragrance. Do you begin sneezing when an air freshener is sprayed? Are you allergic to it? Try this herbal room freshener. Made of natural components, this product is completely safe and does not give you that headache or uneasy feeling. Made of natural extracts and aromatic oils, it provides you with that subtle yet fresh fragrance that works as a therapeutic smell. So, grab this product and get ready to enjoy the peace & spirituality.

Pack of 2 x 250 ml



This Herbal Lemon Room Freshener Spray is made from the below ingredients. Each 100ml contains,

  • Citrus Lemon* Nimbuka Oil : 6%
  • Cymbopogon Citratus* Bhutika Oil: 6%
  • Azardirachta Indica * Nimba Oil: 15%
  • Cedrus Deodara * Devadaru Oil : 6%
  • Excipients Q.S*API


How to use:

Unlock safety stopper to release the trigger. Spray in a room 3-5 times with nozzle pointed upwards in the air. Repeat after 2-3 hours. Removes stale and musty odour.


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