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Herbal Strategi Pet Spray for Ticks, Fleas, Lice and Mites



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If you are fed up with ticks, mice, and mites on your pets (pigeons,parrots,hens,rabbits etc), here is the solution to remove them. Herbal pet spray is an herbal spray used to remove ticks, mites, and lice from your pets. This pet spray will protect your pet from bad smells. It is completely safe to use. Not only does it prevent re-infestation, but it also provides a fresh aroma. It is cruelty-free and vegan.

With herbal pet spray, your pet’s body will have a healthy glow. Your pet will be happier than ever after you spray it on them.

Net Content: 100 ml



Each 100ml contains:

  • Bhutia Oil: 2%,
  • Rohisha Oil: 2%,
  • Tulsi Oils: 0.5%,
  • Tailaparna Oils: 1%,
  • Excipients: Water

How to use

Shake the bottle before use. Spray 18-20 sprays (depending on the size of Pet) about 6 inches from the body of Pet and surroundings, twice or thrice a week for 8 weeks to see change.

Maintenance dose: Spray regularly once a week around 8-15 sprays on body of the pet (depending on size of Pet) and surroundings.


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