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Lapis lazuli (Healing stone) for wisdom, self-expression, insomnia, dipression & thyroid issues

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Stone for- protection from negative energy, self-awareness & expression, depression, sleeplessness, vertigo, clarity, communication and decision making.

Benefits of lapis lazuli bracelet:

  • This royal blue beauty is the storage of knowledge and wisdom.
  • lapis lazuli protects from evil eye. It reveals inner deep truths and invites authenticity and will power to you.
  • the glorious blue color beads lowers the blood pressure and uplifts immune system and works specially in the condition of feeling low or sluggish.
  • it keeps the physical energy higher and well balances the mind. Help managing depression, insomnia and vertigo.
  • lapis lazuli soothes inflammation and works for respiratory and nervous system. It flushes the system and heal the throat, vocal chord issues and thyroid conditions.
  • wear it for confidence and self awareness. It releases the fear, encourages self-expression and helps to speak truth, which establishes the foundation of strong relationship and bonding.
  • place lapis lazuli in your home for protection from negative energy. It brings clarity and ease of communication in the atmosphere. It’s deep intuitive wisdom brings problem solving approach, guides taking right decision.
  • birthstone for sagittarius. Good for libra, virgo and taurus.
  • clean it with water or mild soap and charge it by keeping it with other stones, specially hematite for great results.


Natural, certified lapis lazuli bracelet with royal blue beads, neatly woven, with strong elasticated thread for good grip. These powerful beads has classic look which would compliment your personality. This bracelet comes in an attractive jute string pouch which ensures ecofriendly packaging and care, to keep it safe.

This is handmade, make to order product. Two different pieces would not be identical.

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Note: each crystal or stone has it’s sacred energy. These are precious and consists high energies. Many of these crystals, have extremely strong vibration and magnetic field which protects us from negative energy and connects us with higher channels. The magnetic field and vibration, keeps the mind calm. It provide us strength, happiness, confidence, love and releases anger, hate, fear, greed and grudge from the body and mind.



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