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Greenvision Eco Organics Vermicompost Organic Manure 1 kg


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Greenvision Vermicompost is a 100% natural product that we make by inoculating earthworms in a well-layered mix of cow dung and neem leaves. It is certified organic by INDOCERT. A full 60-day composting period is ensured and the product is carefully packed after proper sieving. Vermicompost may also contain small cocoons of earthworm eggs, which can enrich your soil by natural multiplication. It is suitable for all flowering, vegetables, farms, plantations, horticultural, indoor, and outdoor plants.

By using Greenvision organic vermicompost you will be contributing to reducing your carbon footprint as you are using natural manure as against chemical fertilizer.

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Use of Vermicompost manure in Agriculture – Organic Farming.

1. Greenhouse

2. Farmhouse

3. Fruit Orchards

4. Lawns

5. Garden Plants

6. Pots and Plants

7. Vegetable Kitchen Gardening

8. Hanging Pots

9. Nursery Plant Propagation/ Grafting/ Plant Production

10. Terrace Garden

11. Floriculture

12. Horticulture

13. Vermicompost Increases the Fruit, Flower and Improves Plant Quality, Keep the Soil Healthy.

Additional information

Weight 1000 g

1. Dried cow manure
2. Dried Leaves
3. Water

How to Use

1. Remove soil upto 4 inches deep and half foot away root from of the plant.
2. Take 100gms each for small size pot or 200gms Medium size pot.
3. Fill the dugout area with the Vermicompost.
4. Cover on top with Soil & pat down.
5. Water gently.
6. Repeat Once in two months regularly to achieve best results.


1. 100% Natural.
2. Odourless, Pure & Non Toxic.
3. Rich In Nitrogen (N), Phosphorous (P), Potassium (K), Organic Carbon and Micronutrients.
4. Promotes growth, Increases crop yield and Shelf life of Flowers and Fruits.
5. Increases Moisture Retention and Enriches Soil.



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