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Greenvision Eco Organics Potting Mix Organic Manure 10 kg


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Greenvision Organic Potting Mix is a Ready To Use Organic soil-less medium for growing plants. It is a well-aerated medium, enabling free growth of roots and plants that do not require re-potting. It is light in weight, enabling easy movement/shifting of pots. The premium blend of growth medium is custom made with the right combination of coco-peat, organic matter, fertilizer (Greenvision Vermicompost, Greenvision Vermiwash), Neem to promote the healthy growth of plants. Frequent watering is not required due to the high water retention capacity of the mix. There is no need to add additional fertilizer or soil. Greenvision Organic Potting Mix is certified Organic. The growth medium is given sufficient curing time before packing. Greenvision Organic Potting Mix is an ideal substitute for soil.

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1. It can be used for growing flowering plants, vegetables, indoor plants, and ornamental plants.

2. It is ideal for plants grown in Terrace/Indoor/Balcony/Hanging Pots. Easy To Use.

Additional information

Weight 10000 g

1. Vermicompost
2. Cocopeat
3. Organic Matter including Neem

How to Use

1. Select a container that is larger than your plants current pot,and has a drainage hole at the bottom with the tray beneath it to catch excess water.
2. To prevent soil from escaping, add a layer of small stones to the bottom of the container.
3. Fill container one third full with Greenvision organic potting mix.
4. Carefully remove the plant from its current container and gently loosen the root ball.
5. Center the plant in the new container and fill it with addtional potting mix. Allow atleast 1 inch between the rim of the pot in the top of the soil.
6. Gently pat down mix and add more if required.
7. Make sure the plant is about the same depth in the soil as it was in the original container.
8. Water plant thorughly with a slow gentle spay and allow to drain.


1. Ensures Healthy growth and higher yield.
2. Provides aeration, water retention and nutrients.
3. Light and airy(so Plants can easily take root and access oxygen in the soil.



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