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Greenvision Eco Organics Ghomantra Foliar Spray 1L


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Greenvision GHOMANTRA is a liquid BIO MANURE and Growth Stimulant for plants/crops, that is made by using a traditional method of mixing cow’s products like milk, curd, cow dung, cow urine besides groundnut cake, tender coconut water.

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1.Greenvision Ghomantra helps to develop resistance against various diseases in plants / Crops and promotes healthy growth of plants.

2. Enchances Growth and induces quick flowering,early maturation of crops.It increases Shelf life of Vegatables, fruits and other agricultural produce.

Additional information

Weight 1000 g

Cow Milk , Cow urine, Cow Dung, Tender Coconut Water, Vermiwash, Groundnut cake

How to Use

1.Shake bottle well before use.
2.Dilute with Water (30ml in 1 litre Water) before spraying effiectively on any plant/crop,Filter the liquid using a cotton cloth/fine seive to avoid blocking of nozzle of spraying can.
3.Greenvision Ghomantra should be sprayed early morning or late afternoon. 4.Use regularly once in 15 days.
5.Spray covering both the top and underside of leaves. 6.Use once in 10 days just before flowering stage. 7.Can be mixed with water during irrigation of plants


1.Used as a Growth – promoter.
2.Plants Produce large leaves and develop denser canopy.
3.Hand -Spray diluted solution (30ml in 1litre water directly on small plants either in early morining or in the Evening Once in every 10 to 15 days)
4 .Safeguards plants and soil Micro – organisms.
5.Roots penetrate to deep layer and help in better intake of nutrients and water.
6. Can be used as liquid bio manure at root zone while irrigation for bigger plants and trees, Plants are able to wihstand drought conditions.



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