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Ecosattva Self Adhesive Eco-Friendly Kraft Paper Tape


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Self Adhesive Kraft Paper Tape is used to seal cartons and other packages. The tapes are made of high-strength MG Kraft paper that is resistant to moisture and humidity. They can be used for light to heavy-duty packaging. It can easily be torn by hand while packing products, eliminating the need for a blade or scissors.
The tapes are 100% recyclable and can easily recycle along with the box as it doesn’t contain plastic. Boxes packed with plastic tape are either not recycled or require extra labor to remove the plastic tape before recycling.

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  • Highly Recyclable:- Kraft paper is made from virgin wood pulp, and it is recyclable up to four to seven times.
  • 100% Natural Product:- It naturally decays just like fallen leaves.
  • Strength:- Kraft paper has high durability and tear resistance, making it ideal for light to heavy duty packaging.
  • Resistance:- Tapes are made on high-strength MG Kraft Paper that is resistant to moisture and humidity.

How to Use?

  1. Unwind the roll gently, ripping the tape too quickly will cause it to tear.
  2. Use the appropriate size of tape as per your box dimensions.
  3. Keep the tape away from moisture & heat.
  4. Paper tape does not stick to plastic, make sure your box doesn’t have any plastic cover, coating, or plastic tape on it.

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Size & Quantity

24 mm x 50 meters (12 rolls), 48 mm x 50 meters (6 Rolls), 72 mm x 50 meters (4 Rolls)


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