Natural pyrite bracelet for creativity and energy


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Stone for- creativity, strength, purity, emotional health, lung health, asthama, infertility and anxiety


Benefits of pyrite

  • this brassy color gemstone is also known as fool’s gold. Pyrite means “”purity””, which releases positive energy and creativity.
  • pyrite keeps you safe in every possible way. It protects you from negative energies, destructive thoughts, emotional up & downs and toxic psychic attacks.
  • it controls all your feeling and keeps you strong and stable in both spiritual and physical ways.
  • pyrite is a stone guided with masculine energy. It reduces environmental pollution and its effect over the body.
  • this gold gemstone, fights with viral infections, reduces fever and strengthens the respiratory system. It supports lung health, which make it useful for the patients of asthma and other respiratory ailments.

Original, certified pyrite bracelet with 24 beads. Attractive glossy beads, neatly woven, with strong elasticated thread for good grip. These calming golden beads has luxurious look which would definitely enhance your personality. This bracelet comes in an attractive velvet string pouch which makes easy to keep it safe.

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SIZE : Free/ Streatchable

COLOR:  Golden


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Weight 28 g



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