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Greenvision Eco-Organic Tress Tattva Organic Henna Hair Pack 200 g

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  1. Organic Henna powder is also known as Heena powder, lawsonia inermis or Mehendi. It has the highest content of lawson (colouring). Greenvision Eco Organics Henna powder is made by using hand-picked leaves from henna plants grown on our certified organic farm (Navik Organic Farms, India).
  2. The mature henna leaves on our farm are carefully plucked, cleaned and dried in our solar tunnel dryer. This ensures utmost hygiene and retention of natural nutrients and colour. This carefully dried henna is then once again checked for unwanted sticks and then powdered. We do not mix any other herbs or leaves.
  3. The powder is used for colouring hair in a natural way without any chemicals. It is an organic hair dye. This powder can also be used for mehendi artwork as it is sieved many times using very fine mesh, to make it absolutely fine pure powder.


1. Natural hair coloring agent.

2. Helps to make hair shiny & soft.

3. Deeply condition hair.

4. Can also be used for beard

No Chemicals are used During Processing.

Additional information

Weight 200 g

1. Dried Organic Henna Leaves.
2. Dried Organic Curry leaves.
3. Dried Organic Hibiscus Leaves

How to Use

Option 1
1. Take the desired amount of Greenvision Eco Organics henna powder in a non metallic bowl and pour luke warm water into it and prepare a semi thick paste. 2. Cover this paste and leave for a few hours or overnight. Longer the time it is left, the better the dye is released.
3. Apply this paste on your hair and leave it for 40-45 minutes. Wash it o once it is dry. Do not applyshampoo for the hair wash. Apply as needed once in 2-3 weeks.
Option 2
Add 5 ml lemon juice to the paste. After use of henna and washing hair, the colour of hair turns a shiny auburn colour. Slight colour variation may be present according to original haircolour. Results get better with each application. If your hair is chemically treated, the results will take time to come. The Colour of the hair will get darker over time and you will see the better results with regular applications.

Caution : Greenvision Eco Organics Henna powder is a Chemical free product. However, it is recommended to do a patch test to see if you are not allergic of it. Always wear gloves during application to avoid colouring your skin.


1. Soothes frizzy hair.
2. Henna has a cooling property and gives the scalp a soothing nourishment.
3. Excellent natural hair dye.
4. Safe to Use.
5. Leaves hair soft , smooth and silky.
6. Acts as a natural hair conditioner.
7. Replenishes hair health.
8. No harmful additions of chemicals or ammonia


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