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Help Us Green Handmade Natural Lemongrass Incense Sticks (40 Sticks, Pack of 1)


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  • Help Us Green incense sticks are crafted from natural ingredients to provide a soothing and aromatic experience.
  • Perfect for meditation, relaxation, and creating a tranquil atmosphere, each stick burns evenly and releases a lasting, delightful fragrance.
  • Elevate your space with our premium incense sticks.100% Natural Ingredient

⨠ 100% Natural Ingredients

⨠ Hand-rolled by Rural Women

⨠ Long-lasting Fragrance

⨠ Burn Time: 40-45 minutes

⨠ Ethically sourced ingredients

⨠ Charcoal-free for a healthier experience



Experience the refreshing and invigorating scent of HelpUsGreen’s Natural Lemongrass Agarbatti. Made with 100% natural ingredients and hand-rolled with care, these incense sticks will infuse your home with a bright and uplifting fragrance that will help to awaken your senses.

  1. Fresh and Invigorating Fragrance
    HelpUsGreen Natural Lemongrass Incense Sticks offers a refreshing and invigorating fragrance that can uplift your mood and energize your senses. The scent of lemongrass is known to have a calming effect on the mind and can help reduce stress and anxiety. With these incense sticks, you can create a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere in your home.
  2. Natural Insect Repellent
    The Natural Incense Sticks – Lemongrass not only offers a pleasant fragrance but also works as a natural insect repellent. Lemongrass contains citronella, a natural mosquito repellent, which can help keep mosquitoes and other insects at bay. By using these incense sticks, you can enjoy a bug-free and refreshing environment without the use of harmful chemicals.
  3. Handmade and Eco-friendly Organic Incense Sticks  – Lemongrass is handcrafted by rural women using natural and biodegradable materials such as flowers, herbs, and essential oils. It is 100% organic and free from any harmful chemicals, making it safe to use around children and pets. By choosing this product, you are supporting a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle while creating a positive impact on the environment.
  4. Long-lasting Fragrance
    It offers a long-lasting Fragrance  that can last for up to 60 minutes per stick. The incense sticks are slow-burning, releasing a consistent and refreshing aroma that can create a pleasant atmosphere in your home. Each pack contains 40 sticks, providing you with enough supply for an extended period.
  5. Versatile Use
    You can use these incense sticks in your home, office, yoga studio, or any other indoor space. It is also ideal for camping, picnics, and other outdoor activities, where you want to repel insects and create a refreshing ambiance.

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