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Help Us Green Handmade Natural Lemongrass Dhoop Sticks (40 Sticks, Pack of 1)


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  • Help Us Green dhoop sticks are crafted from natural ingredients to deliver a rich and soothing aroma.
  • Perfect for meditation, spiritual practices, and creating a peaceful ambiance, each stick burns evenly, filling your space with a lasting, calming fragrance.
  • Elevate your rituals with our premium dhoop sticks.

⨠ 100% Natural Ingredients
⨠ Hand-rolled by Rural Women
⨠ Long-lasting Fragrance
⨠ Burn Time: 40-45 minutes
⨠ Ethically sourced ingredients
⨠ Charcoal-free for a healthier experience


Take a breather from the everyday hustle and unwind using HelpUsGreen’s Natural Lemongrass Dhoop Sticks. Surround yourself with the tart lemony fragrance of our lemongrass dhoop, sourced from 100% natural ingredients and handmade with care.

The refreshing and flowery scent of lemongrass oil can help to refresh the air and relieve stress and anxiety. Lemongrass oil is an excellent choice for aromatherapy due to its stress-relieving properties. This natural dhoop stick contains 40 sticks that will provide you with a long-lasting and pleasant fragrance experience.

1. Freshen Up The Scent Of Your Spaces with Natural Lemongrass Dhoop Sticks

Lemongrass has that specific fresh and citrus smell with subtle hints of sweetness. Our Organic dhoop stickswill not only create a fresh ambiance but are also aesthetically pleasing to look at. Freshen up your spaces and do it with style.

2. Natural Lemongrass Dhoop Sticks That Do Not Harm The Environment

These premium quality dhoop incense sticks are produced using sustainable methods, are made from 100% natural ingredients, and charcoal free. This makes them safe for people with sensitive skin and who are prone to certain allergies.

3. Handmade Dhoop Sticks That Support Rural Women’s Empowerment

Each natural incense stick is hand rolled by a team of rural women with utmost care. The attention to detail is apparent from the sleek and refined look of each dhoop natural lemongrass incense stick. With every purchase, you will be supporting sustainability and empowering women at the same time.

4. Long-lasting Aroma From Organic Lemongrass Dhoop Sticks

Have you ever tried to do a meditation session and been interrupted because your incense stick has finished burning? Well, you won’t have that problem with lemongrass organic dhoop sticks. Each long-lasting fragrance  for approximately an hour and you are guaranteed a long-lasting fragrance.

5. Reap The Benefits of Lemongrass Essential Oil from Dhoop Sticks

Lemongrass has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties and is also proven to fight off free radicals due to its anti-oxidant properties as well. The sweet, yet soft scent of lemongrass oil can also help to relax the mind and promote positive thinking. It can be used to relieve nausea and may help relieve pain like headaches and migraines. Order yours today and reap all the benefits from our natural lemongrass dhoop sticks.

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