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Ecotyl Organic Ragi Atta (Finger Millet Flour) – 250 g


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Made from the finest quality, pure, and premium-grade Ragi whole grains, Ecotyl’s Ragi Flour is a rich source of plant protein. It adds optimal nutrients and fiber to your daily diet. Having low-fat content and high nutritional value, it has an array of health benefits. It is also a rich source of antioxidants that strengthens your immunity and benefits your skin. It can be easily digested and has no cholesterol or trans fat.



Health Benefits Of Ecotyl Ragi Flour:

  • Provides special help to people suffering from digestive problems and gluten allergies.
  •  It is a natural source of calcium and helps in strengthening bones. It also helps people suffering from osteoporosis.
  •  Helpful in treating anaemia. Ragi is a rich source of iron and prevents iron deficiency.
  •  Helpful for diabetic patients and heart patients. It lowers the high blood sugar level and also has zero cholesterol level.


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