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Net contents:  Pack of 10 (100 sticks in each pack)

No Plastic

Our buds are made from paper sticks instead of plastic. This makes it better for the environment as plastic takes much longer to degrade compared to paper. Eco-friendly sticks with top-quality buds make it the ultimate product that we can rely on upon without concern for our daily use.

Not only the only buds but our packaging is also plastic free and that makes it a completely Eco-friendly product.

1. Pure Virgin Cotton Tips

2. Recycled Paper Stick in the center, No plastic

3. Multipurpose use

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Beco Cotton Ear Buds are ideal for a multitude of applications, from putting on makeup to caring for babies and pets to cleaning electronics, to crafting art projects. Made of cotton tips and flexible paper sticks, Beco Cotton Ear Buds have the most cotton at the tip of the swab.

These are Baby safe and gentle, ideal for cleaning, and great for applying lotion, oil & powder. Also ideal for Home polishing of silver & brassware.

Net Contents: 10 x 100 sticks = 1000 sticks


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