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Kanz & Muhul Copper Trami Sarposh

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Trami which is a large copper platter, covered with a lid called the Sarposh.

The process of making copperware goes through many artisans who are specialized in a particular technique. This handcrafted artisanal work involves Khar – the smith, Naqash – the engraver, Zarcod – the gilder, Roshangar – the polisher and Charakgar – the cleaner or finisher.

With regard to our traditional utensils and artefacts, you can expect slight changes in design since most of the products in this category are handmade. We would want you to consider any slight change in the texture, colour or design as the artisans way of representing uniqueness.

Dimensions – 25 x 9 cm (Diameter x Height); Weight – 1.2 Kg


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