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Satmya Shatavari

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Shatavari may be one of nature’s best-kept secrets with its endless benefits and ability to cure most physical and mental ailments. Shatavari has the strength, power, wisdom & infinite love to share with all she meets. A women-friendly herb, it is the best hormone harmonizer.


It regulates the menstrual cycle, provides relief from cramps, and is a boon for pre and post-menopausal. Shatavari relieves menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes.Shatavari for Mental Health, as an adaptogenic herb, helps rejuvenate the body & mind, restoring balance to both the nervous & immune systems.



Shatavari, Ceylon Cinnamon, Kashmiri Saffron, green cardamom, dry ginger, fennel seeds and nutmeg.


Weight: 100g


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