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Utensil Scrubbers – Coconut Coir Square

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a) Product Features:

Soft natural coir fine for excellent scrubbing, softened by proprietary chemical-free methods
Exclusive use of long bristles alone to reduce shedding and avoid clogging of drains
Does not leave scratches on Teflon and coated utensils
Can be used on hot utensils
Free from glue and rubber
Scrub diameter: 10cm
Binding material: Cotton thread




How to use these scrub pads? Do they require special soap or liquid for cleaning?
No. You can use them like you would use any other scrubber.

Are these coconut scrub pads multi-purpose? If yes, where can I use them?
These are rough scrubbers that can be used to clean any suitable surface.

Does it use any type of harmful adhesives or rubber for binding?

Since these pads are multi-purpose, on which surfaces can I use them?
Any suitable surface. These are rough scrubbers that serve to remove stuck dirt.

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pack of 4, pack of 10


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